About Us

Over the past 40 years taxidermists in the USA were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the poor quality of the fish replica blanks that were available to them. In 2004 a Minnesota taxidermist solicited the financial support of Fred Roguske, an avid sport fisherman, to develop a new line of fish molds using space age technology and materials. The quality improvements were dramatic and Lake Country Replicas soon became the leading supplier of fish replicas to the taxidermy industry in North America. A state of the art facility was designed and constructed in central Minnesota to meet the demand for fish replicas that look like real fish, not painted pieces of plastic.

Being a seasoned businessman, Roguske has hired proven artists and contracted with Rick Krane, “Several Times World Fish Taxidermy Champion”, to train them. This staff of experienced men and women combine their talents under the supervision of John and Nathan Metz to provide our customers with the very finest in memory enhancing fish displays. Every piece is a custom product matching our customer’s photos and special requests.

Taxidermists regularly debate whether our finished products are an exceptional skin mount or an outstanding replica. They continually study our presentations in order to learn how to enhance their own work. In fact, we provide them with many of the materials and directions necessary to do so.

Now under the title of Lake Country Wildlife Décor we have selected some of our most popular specimens to offer to all those who want to capture the essence of their memorable wildlife experiences. These outstanding Décor products will make a statement describing their passion for outdoor adventures.